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6 Tips for Perfecting your Branding
Feb 02 2021
Developing a brand that works for you is vital to business success, if you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place - we’re sharing six top tips to help mould your brand....
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6 Tips for Web Design Success
Jan 11 2021
With people spending an increased amount of time online since the start of the pandemic, 2021 is the year to ensure your website is in great shape. If you’re thinking of updating your website, or not sure where to start with improving it, take a look at these six tips for success......
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Merry Christmas Everybody
Dec 22 2020
It's Christmaaas!...
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Increase revenue this Christmas with Gift Guru
Oct 12 2020
We understand that 2020 has been a tough year, especially within the hospitality industry, that's why we're pleased to introduce you to Gift Guru, the latest addition to our suite of hospitality tools that aim to help hospitality businesses grow....
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Introducing Menu Guru Hospitality App
Aug 17 2020
As specialists at helping hospitality businesses grow online, we’re proud to introduce Menu Guru, the hospitality app that allows customers to place food and drink orders directly from their phone....
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6 Reasons to choose Magento
Jul 30 2020
Whether you’re ready to upgrade an existing online shop or looking to get up and running, Magento is the leading platform when it comes to e-commerce...
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8 Hospitality Photography Tips
Jun 24 2020
We asked Devon-based photographer, Simon Tutty, for his top tips on how to perfectly capture your hospitality business through the lens to help turn website visitors into booking guests....
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9 Steps to Hotel Marketing Success
Feb 27 2020
The online marketplace is incredibly crowded for the hospitality industry and getting your message heard is a constantly evolving challenge. A successful hotel marketing mix requires a joined-up approach across various platforms, helping you to connect with key audiences, drive direct bookings, boost occupancy rates and win back bookings from the OTAs. These nine steps will help tune-up your marketing and get your online presence into shape....
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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Upgrade
Jan 24 2020
June 2020 marks a major milestone for Magento, because Magento 1 officially reaches ‘end of life’. That means that there will no longer be security patches released for the older generation of Magento stores....
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Proud to support Exeter Panthers Football Club
Sep 25 2019
We are delighted to announce that we are now official sponsors of the Exeter Panthers Football Club - an FA chartered standard development club that provides a positive learning environment for children to develop their skills technically, tactically, physically and psychologically, all while maintaining one key goal - to let the players have fun!...
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The best Easter egg of 2019
Apr 16 2019
With the Easter bank holiday weekend in sight, Easter eggs will be flying off the shelves this week in preparation for a chocolate filled weekend. With more eggs appearing each year, we know that deciding which to buy is a challenging task. Much to the disappointment of our team, we’ve done the hard work for you and purchased six milk chocolate eggs and put them through the Unleashed taste test ....
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A Winter Website Checklist
Dec 20 2018
It’s important to regularly update your website to ensure users get the best experience. A healthy site can make the difference between capturing a customer or letting them pass you by and use a competitor. Start the new year as you mean to go on and use this checklist as a starting point for ensuring your website gets off to the best start in 2019....
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A winning sales environment needs motivation
Nov 30 2018
In an office full of sales people, some will thrive and others will long to be elsewhere! It is an ever-changing environment and one not for the faint hearted, with some big personalities and lots of diversity. The biggest challenge and most important factor for success is a team’s motivation....
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Improve your Google Ranking with SEO
Nov 28 2018
It is becoming increasingly important for your business to be visible in search engines. Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, and with this number only set to increase, SEO is crucial for businesses to be seen and to succeed online and if you don’t believe us, we’ve gathered a list of top statistics to highlight the power of search engine optimisation:...
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How does the GDPR apply to Marketers? Top Answers to FAQs
Oct 05 2018
It’s just over 4 months since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. During this time there has been lots of confusion among marketers about exactly which practices are allowed. It’s now a lot clearer what you can and can’t do, so there has never been a better time to clear up some of the myths still surrounding marketing under the GDPR....
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Happy Holidays! Top Event Strategies for Ecommerce
Jul 05 2018
Whether it's a summer holiday campaign, preparing for Fathers' Day, a Hallowe'en offer, or the vital run up to Christmas there's no doubt that having an occasion orientated marketing strategy is crucial to getting the most from your ecommerce platform. During the run-up to holidays or events, there are always a wide range of opportunities and offers for customers to pick from so here are our top tips to get your site standing out from the crowd....
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Survival of the Fittest: Has Your Business Evolved?
Jun 06 2018
Failing to move with the times can be detrimental to any business, handing your competitors a distinct advantage over you. Innovative tools and angles for targeting both new and existing customers emerge regularly, and there are many known instances of large businesses not keeping up with their competitors....
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10 Tips to Gain Instagram Followers
Jun 01 2018
Instagram is one of the most popular and fast-growing social networks, with millions of posts shared every day. In addition, businesses are finding higher levels of engagement on Instagram than other networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Here are our top tips to grow your following on Instagram....
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Proud to Support Exeter Chiefs Rugby​ Academy Team
May 02 2018
We’re proud to be supporting the Exeter College 1st XV rugby team as they represent Exeter Chiefs Academy and England at the Sanix World Rugby Youth Invitational Tournament in Japan....
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10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence
Aug 03 2017
If you’re running a business in 2017, it’s generally accepted that you should be on social media. However, many business struggle along without a clear social media plan, a sense of who they are talking to, what type of content to add or what subjects they should be covering. If you’re in this position, do not fear! We’ve compiled a list of tips to get you going in the right direction....
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How to grow your B2B business on Linkedin
Jun 28 2017
LinkedIn is one of the most valuable and effective marketing tools that any business has access to, yet many aren't taking full advantage of its incredible power. In this article we will explore some of the most effective ways of fully utilising LinkedIn to increase your brand awareness and overall sales for FREE....
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The Principles of Thought Leadership
May 23 2017
In the information age, knowledge is shared continuously through online blogs, social networks and website content. Creating a following in a vastly crowded online marketplace can be a challenge. The task of making yourself heard above the crowd becomes a great deal easier if you can position yourself as a leading thinker in your sector....
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Five Ways to create website content that sells
May 01 2017
Five things you can do to not only engage your customer, but also improve your landing page content and conversion rates....
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Proud to be working with...
Aug 13 2016
We're proud to welcome Whitehall Dental Implants as new marketing clients....
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