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A Winter Website Checklist

It’s important to regularly update your website to ensure users get the best experience. A healthy site can make the difference between capturing a customer or letting them pass you by, or worse - use a competitor. Start the new year as you mean to go on and use this checklist as a starting point for ensuring your website gets off to the best start in 2019.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, having a mobile-friendly website is a basic necessity, so it may be shocking to know that last year Paypal claimed only 18% of small businesses in the UK have a mobile-friendly website. More than half of customers come to your website through a mobile device, so it’s imperative your website is optimised for this. Think about how friendly your website design is, studies show people are becoming less patient when browsing the web, so make it as user- friendly as possible - pinch and zoom websites are a pain on mobile, resulting in poor user experience. Check how mobile ready your website is with this tool from Google.

Page Speed

Users demand a simple, understandable browsing experience and page speed is a key factor in user experience. There are a number of websites you can use to check your landing page speed to make sure your site isn’t sluggish. Quick page speed is also important to help your website rank well in search engines, giving you the best possible chance to attract new customers. Users need a quick and efficient service when browsing the web, no matter where in the world they are, you can test your page speed here.

Website Security

Google is making it their mission to make browsing the web safe and secure. One of the things to help them achieve this is by giving priority to websites that have an SSL certificate. SSL certificates encrypt sensitive data between user and website, to help keep sensitive data (such as credit card information) safe and reduce the risk of cyber crimes. If you are an online retailer, it is imperative that you have an SSL certificate so that users know your website is safe and secure. If you do not have an SSL certificate, Google Chrome will prompt users as soon as they land on your website.

Promoting Yourself

Ensuring these steps are in place will certainly help increase your online visibility and retain returning customers but you also need to be proactive in marketing your website at every opportunity. A healthy mix of online and offline marketing is essential for driving traffic to your website, use your print media, social media channels, email marketing and PPC advertising to tell about your services and point them to the relevant landing pages on your website.

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