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Five Ways to create website content that sells

Here are five things you can do to not only engage your customer, but also improve your landing page copy and conversion rates.

1. Talk to your customer.

You need to create a relationship with each one of your potential customers. You need to write and design your website as if you are having a conversation with one person. And you need to convince every individual customer that your product or service really is what he's looking for. This means your messaging has to be focused on him. You have to start building that relationship with your customer. It may take time, it may take a lot of hard work, but if you do it right, he will buy again and again.

So how do you talk to your customer?

2. State the benefits of your product, rather than the features.

Instead of talking about the features of your product, talk about the benefits it will provide to your potential customer.

To find the benefits of your product, you need to ask a very important question: 'So What?' It's the question your potential customer is going to ask every time she sees a feature listed on your website. Remember, she wants to know what's in it for her. When she asks, 'So what?', she really wants to know. Why? Because you've answered the most important question on her mind. Answering this question about every feature your product has to offer is a great way to engage your customers and convince them to buy. 

Which leads me to the next thing you can do to engage and convert your customers.

3. Appeal to their emotions.

This is really important. Why? Because appealing to your customer's emotions works. People don't make logical purchasing decisions. They make emotional decisions and then find ways to rationalize the purchase to themselves so they feel better about making it. This has been proven time and time again, and marketers use this very human trait every single day.

Emotion is such an amazing tool in marketing. Everyone, whether they like to admit it or not, has some insecurity somewhere. We all want to be loved, and we all want to be part of something.

Emotion is a great way to connect with your potential customers. Anyone who comes to your website has a problem that your product or service can solve. Use emotion to persuade them that yours is the right one for them.

4. Be conversational.

Write as though you're having a conversation with your potential customer.

Humour is a great way to be conversational because it is natural to insert humor into most conversations, if nothing else to break the ice or diffuse tension.

Being conversational in your writing style actually makes the words easier to read and digest. Think about the last time you read something that you thought was really stuffy and dull. It probably took you forever to wade through. Now think about the last time you read something you really enjoyed. You probably flew through it and wanted more at the end. Frequently, the difference between boring writing and engaging writing is that one is written in a conversational style.

One of the most key things is:

5. Being convincing.

You're convinced that your product is going to take over the world. But it won't unless you can convince your customers. Sales can really come down to one very simple question: Are you convinced that your product really is the very best option to solve your customer's problem? Because if you're not convinced yourself, you'll never convince them or get them to buy. So how can you be convincing?

Offer a money back guarantee. By offering a guarantee, you're taking the risk off of your customer and putting it on yourself. Once you free them from the fear of owning something that doesn't work or that they can't use, the decision to buy can be a lot easier to make.

So there you are!

Now you know why your website isn't engaging your customers and you have 5 tools to fix it. Go forth and change the world!


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