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Happy Holidays! Top Event Strategies for Ecommerce

Whether it's a summer holiday campaign, preparing for Fathers' Day, a Hallowe'en offer, or the vital run up to Christmas there's no doubt that having an occasion orientated marketing strategy is crucial to getting the most from your ecommerce platform.  During the run-up to holidays or events, there are always a wide range of opportunities and offers for customers to pick from so here are our top tips to get your site standing out from the crowd.

Start Planning Early

Plan early for any event orientated campaign. This is vital if you want to succeed in such a competitive and busy period. An excellent start is by having the key dates marked in your diary. Some of the most important times for e-commerce are around Christmas: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Manic Monday and Boxing Day. These are the busiest online shopping days of the year, and promoting these dates ahead of their arrival will allow you to maximise the volume of traffic heading to your website. Equally, make sure you have prepared your site for dealing with these high volumes of traffic. During sale periods you are likely to have a steep increase in website traffic, and nothing will turn customers away faster than a slow and inaccessible website. While individual dates are significant, there are also general occasion orientated trends. You could Consider targeting 'unofficial' events like Festival Season (Jul-Sep), Wedding Season (May-Jul) or Back to School (first half of September).

Analyse Your Competitors

As well as thinking about your website, check out what your competitors are doing. By analysing their current offerings, and what they did last year, it may spark ideas that can help you. Make sure that if any of their ideas influence you, do it better! For example, offer better prices or new daily deals that make your site stand out from the crowd. Give customers a reason to purchase from you rather than a competitor.

Build Optimised and Decorated Pages

Fully optimise your pages for search engines. Have pages that include the right keywords relating to your products and any key dates, such as Christmas -25th December- to increase your chances of appearing on that coveted Google first results page. Also, consider segmenting areas of your website to streamline the shopping process for customers. If you have relevant sections such as gifts for him/her, Black Friday deals etc. make sure people can access the areas they want quickly. For each occasion consider decorating your website with appropriate banners or logos, so that customers know you are taking part. Be as creative as you like, it'll help your customers to get into the mood for the occasion!

Ensure your Website is User Friendly on all Devices

Your site is like your shop window, so make sure it is optimised to display well on any device. 50% of most web traffic now comes from mobile devices, so a poor user experience on a mobile device will negatively affect your sales. Take a look at your website's visitor statistics to find out more about your customers including which devices they use to visit and shop on your site. A user-friendly website will generally encourage customers to purchase from you. The most common reason for an abandoned basket is due to a confusing checkout. It’s vital to have a quick and efficient checkout process to help your business convert potential customers, into paying customers.

Increase your Opportunity to Upsell

People are also likely to abandon a purchase at the last minute if they come across unforeseen delivery charges. Do you offer free delivery? Shout about it and display the fact across your website. If customers don’t have to pay out for postage or delivery charges, they are more likely to buy from you. Likewise, if you are not offering free delivery, make sure people know this before they reach the checkout stage. On the topic of visibility, think about the profile of the products on your website. Display high-quality product images and make sure your homepage has relevant products and offers displayed clearly. If you can, a good tip for upselling is by having ‘recommended products’ or a ‘people also bought’ section on your product pages, or during the checkout process, to encourage additional or last-minute add-on sales. For example, if you run a fashion site, push matching accessories. If you sell toys, feature the required batteries alongside each product.

Keep it Social

Your site is the final destination on a journey for your customer. Social media and email marketing are tools you can use to plant a seed with your audience that will ultimately end in sales conversions on your site. Use the event you're targeting as a conversation starter to get customers engaged and excited about the event. Position your products as an integral part of that event experience.  Social Media and Emails should be used as the top of a funnel that uses enticing offers, and clear calls for action, to drive traffic to your site.

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