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The best Easter egg of 2019

With the Easter bank holiday weekend in sight, Easter eggs will be flying off the shelves this week in preparation for a chocolate filled weekend. With more eggs appearing each year, we know that deciding which to buy is a challenging task. Much to the disappointment of our team, we’ve done the hard work for you and purchased six milk chocolate eggs and put them through the Unleashed taste test (you don’t have to thank us, someone had to do it). We asked the team to score each one out of ten for taste, as well as presentation - combining scores at the end to find the best Easter egg of 2019.

The eggs being put to the test include Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Chococo, Cadbury, Sainsbury's and Hotel Chocolat. We chose a traditional milk chocolate egg from each range. The results, in order from the last place to first place, are...

6th place: Aldi Single Origin Chocolate Cocoa Pod - £4.99

Aldi Easter Egg

Made from Peruvian cocoa beans, this Fairtrade chocolate egg failed to wow our team despite most commenting on how great the shimmering red cocoa pod looks. Overall, this egg looks good but lets itself down when it comes to taste. The aforementioned shimmer actually gave the egg a rather unpleasant texture and the aftertaste that is hard to get rid of.

Score - 5.7/10

5th place: Dairy Milk Special Easter Egg - £8

Dairy Milk

The familiar Dairy Milk taste is a classic when it comes to Easter. This egg comes complete with three delicious full-sized Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars, alongside a large egg and as to be expected, the sweet and creamy Cadbury taste did not fail to deliver. The basic look of the egg and packaging leaves room for improvement when compared to other eggs in this price range.

Score - 6/10

4th place: Hotel Chocolat Big City Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny - £8

Hotel Chocolat Easter Bunny

In true Hotel Chocolat style, the taste impressed almost everyone with many describing it as ‘luxurious’, ‘creamy’ and ‘smooth’. The classic Easter bunny design is sure to be a hit with young children but with plenty of Easter bunnies on the market, it’s not the most original design, however we’re confident when we say this bunny is the best-dressed one we’ve seen, sporting a dark chocolate bow tie and carrying a white chocolate flower!

Score - 6.8/10

3rd place: Marks & Spencer Spiketail the Dinosaur - £11.29

M and S Easter Egg

As you can imagine, this T-Rex shaped dinosaur with speckled eggs rated extremely well on presentation... the taste, however, saw a mixed bag of reviews. The speckled eggs were preferred by almost everyone over the taste of the actual dinosaur. A well deserved third place, but what’s not to like about a chocolate shaped dinosaur?

Score - 7/10

2nd place: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co. Belgian Milk Chocolate Geometric Egg - £9

Coming in at second place is this beautiful-looking egg with a shimmering geometric finish, it comes with milk chocolate covered caramels on the side, which our team described as ‘luxurious’ and ‘incredible tasting’. This egg rated well for both look and taste, making it a strong contender at second place. Take note of the shimmer will transfer warning... some of our team had shimmering fingertips for the rest of the day!

Score - 7.6/10

1st place: Chococo Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Easter Egg - £12.50

Chococo Easter Egg

It’s hard not to appreciate the design of this handcrafted dinosaur egg - a shiny shell combining white chocolate and milk chocolate to create a mottled effect. The real surprise, however, is when you crack open this egg to reveal a studded dinosaur and fossils, an impressive feature which the team loved. One person even commented that the more you eat, the better this egg tastes… which can only be a good thing!

Score - 8.2/10

Despite us ranking our favourites here, everyone's tastes are different, so we still recommend trying these eggs for yourself. If you’ve tasted any of these eggs or have a recommendation for us, get in touch by dropping us a line on our social media channels! 


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